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When he was a boy, Frans’s siblings often accused him of telling stories.

Upon turning 58 last year, he felt the sudden urge to give it another go. This reawakening seemed like a splendid idea because he has yarns to spin about a life that has led him down an unusual path, from Sri Lanka to Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and finally the Netherlands. He has a passion for the history and cultural diversity of those countries, and these, together with a rich and rather unusual family background, are reflected plainly in the tales he tells.

When he was twenty-seven, Frans was involved in a gliding accident. The consequences were far reaching because he suffered a spinal cord injury that left him partially paralysed. So, he potters along with crutches and uses a wheelchair.


He currently lives in the Netherlands, where he has a teaching degree that qualifies him to teach English to speakers of other languages. Until recently, he taught in diverse colleges throughout the region. Now, he writes.

Frans thanks heaven for Belgian beers, especially the dark ones made by Trappist monks. If he's up for it the next day, he likes to go on long bike rides, and once or twice a week he plays wheelchair tennis at the local sports club.

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