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The Boxing Club

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They didn't know it then, but the lives of two young boys were about to change forever. That was the day Chris and Marc Ashley met their future trainer, a no-nonsense CSM at Rhodesia's School of Infantry in Gwelo.

Others followed, and took a step right out of their comfort zone. A long run and endless floor exercises later, they'd hit the punchbags, shadow box or spar one-on-one. But, for some, it meant much, much more.

The coaches with their impressive boxing pedigrees would push their young charges to new heights wth sweat and discipline, and achieve something remarkable.

The authors and others reflect on a great little club, with a group of youths and their mentors who would all become a close-knit family.


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A few teasers from the book

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A 1969 newspaper article


1972 - Rhodesian Championships, Bulawayo


1973 - E. Transvaal Senior Invitation Team vs Rhodesia Senior Invitation Team


1974 - The Sandy Gorshal Inter-Provincial


1975 - South African Junior Boxing Championships, Bloemfontein

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